It derived from a cross of 'Golden Delicious' and 'Jonathan'. It was named and released in 1984. The breeders were Dr. Žarko Tešović, prof. Dr. Milojko Ranković and Dr. Ljubica Janda.

The tree is upright, cylindrical, moderately tall and wide. The crown is roundish-conical and sparse enough. Primary scaffold branches are moderately developed and sufficiently wide-angled, whereas the secondary and other branches are moderately strong and covered with many fruit-spurs. The bark is greyish, with pronounced white lenticels. The shoots are upright and well developed, darker than scaffold branches, with small and light-colored lenticels. Leaf and wood buds are small, narrow, long, pointed and appressed. Flower buds are large and pointed. The leaf is medium sized, long-elliptical, pointed, with wide serrations, dark and smooth, with long petiole. The flower is medium sized, whitish-pink, regular. It is a diploid cultivar with mid-early flowering time. When grafted on weak and medium vigorous vegetative rootstocks it produces high yield and high quality fruits. It is susceptible to apple scab (Venturia inaequalis) like apple 'Golden Delicious', whereas it is not susceptible to the causal agent of apple powdery mildew (Podosphaera leucotricha).

The fruit is medium large to large (260 g on average). It is round-conical (length 80 mm, width 80 mm, on average. The calyx cavity is moderately deep and wide. The skin is thin, smooth and very tough. The ground color is yellow-green, with 50% to 80% red blush, which is striated and more intense on the sunny side. The flesh is firm, crispy, pale creamy white, fine-textured, juicy, and acid, with a pronounced, characteristic aroma. It contains 10.3% total sugars and 0.86% total acids. The core is large, bulb-shaped, with an unbroken axis. The seeds are long, broadened in the middle and pointed at the apex. The stalk is very long (about 45 mm), thin, bent and woody. The stem cavity is fairly deep and moderately wide, conical, partly cork-lined.

It ripens in late September-early October. The fruits may be maintained in cold storage all through to May.

A winter apple of high quality. Recommended for plantation orchards with application of intensive cultural practices.