It derived from the cross of 'Elberta' and 'Springtime', made in 1966 and was named and released in 1986. The breeders were Dr. Dobrivoje Ogašanović and Dr. S. A. Paunović.

The tree is vigorous, with a roundish crown. Branches are strong, with smooth, dark grey bark. Fruit buds cover the whole length of long slender and mixed fruiting branches. The leaf is medium large to large. Petiole is moderately long with glands at the leaf base. The flower is, medium large, campanulate. Petals are medium sized, reddish purple. Self-fertile, regular and heavy cropper. Resistant to late spring frosts. Susceptible to peach leaf curl Taphrina deformans. In years with heavy rains pit splitting and Monilinia fruit rot may occur.

The fruit is large (184-195 g), roundish, slightly flat towards the suture. Dimensions: length - 60 mm, width – 67 mm, thickness - 69 mm. The skin has yellow ground color and 50% to 60% carmine red blush and is covered with light pubescence. Freestone. The flesh has 10.4% soluble solids, 7.27% total sugars and 0.68% total acids on average. The stone is medium large to large (7.6-9.0 g). Splitting occurs in some years.

Ripens in the first decade of August, 2-3 days after 'Redhaven'. Fruits do not ripe evenly so the fruits must be harvested twice or more.

A vigorous, high-yielding cultivar with large, high-quality fruits and with relative resistance to late spring frosts. It is superior to the standard 'Redhaven' insomuch that it produces higher and more regular yields and may have up to 40% larger fruits.