Čačanski rubin

It was derived from a cross of 'Shasse Morello' and 'Köröser Weichsel' in 1960. It was named and released in 1973. The breeder was Vojin Bugarčić, BSc. in agriculture.

The tree is weak to moderately vigorous, spreading. The trunk is upright, strong, ash-gray. The crown is half-pendulous. The shoulders are moderately strong and wide-angled. Medium thin, ash-grey fruiting branches with unpronounced lenticels are medium long and long, bearing along the entire length. Leaf buds are small and pointed, whereas fruit buds are medium large to large, long-conical, with prominent venation. The leaf is relatively large, ovate, deep green and serrated, with distinct venation on underside. Leaf mass is pronounced. The flower is of regular shape, medium large to large, hermaphrodite, with white petals. It flowers early to mid-early. Abundant in pollen of good germination ability. Partly self-fertile. Good pollinators are sweet cherries 'Rexelle', 'Heimanns Konservenweichsel' and 'Heimanns Rubin Weichsel'. Moderate and mainly unsatisfactory cropper, except in areas with colder microclimates, when good pollinators are supplied. Standard resistance to causal agents of pests and diseases. Resistant to winter frosts. Loose crown and thin bearing ensure resistance to fruit rot and cracking.

The fruit is medium large to large (5.0−5.5 g on average), reniform, (average dimensions: height - 19.1 mm, width - 21.1 mm, thickness - 18.0). The skin is thin, smooth and glossy. The flesh is soft, juicy, red, sweet-subacid, of pleasant aroma. The juice is ruby red containing 15% soluble solids, 1.4% total acids and 9.0% total sugars. May be used as dessert cultivar. The stone is medium-sized, widened at both sides. The stalk is medium long, thin, and fruit separates easily from it when fully ripe. The cavity is shallow.

Ripens at the beginning of the third decade of June, several days before 'Rexelle'.

Early ripening, high-quality sour cherry cultivar of 'Morello' type. Moderate cropper, suitable for growing only in previously tested localities.