Krupna dvorodna

It was named and released in 1973. It resulted from the cross of raspberries 'Malling Exploit' x 'Rubin'. The breeders are prof. Dr. Petar Mišić, Vojin Bugarcic, BSc. and Dr. Milomir Tešić.

An autumn fruiting cultivar (with two crops in one season), moderately vigorous. It produces small number of light colored canes. Young canes are strong and erect. It does not produce secondary buds on primocanes. Spines are large and sparse. It produces averagely 13 fruiting branches of moderate length (36 cm) which do not break under the crop load. Vegetation onset is early and it also flowers early. Moderate cropper. It is rather susceptible to winter frosts.

Fruit is very large (fruit weight 4.5 g), truncate-conical, firm, red colored. The number of drupelets within a fruit amounts to 160. The fruit is of well-balanced aroma. Sugar content 6.4%, acid content 1.7%.

Its first harvest is very early, 3−4 days prior to 'Mailing Exploit'. The second harvest takes place in September and October. The fruits ripen uniformly and it is consequently characterized by shorter ripening time, in comparison with other cultivars. The fruits are easily picked. Transportability is satisfactory.

It is suitable for both fresh use and freezing. Very early ripening season, very large and good quality fruits, as well as double harvest recommend this cultivar for growing in home gardens. It is also suitable for the process of hybridization aimed at developing new cultivars. It was sporadically grown both in Serbia and collection orchards of some scientific institutes worldwide. This cultivar prefers mid-climatic regions, whereas the canes are prone to frost damage under more severe climatic conditions.