Čačanska rana /selekcija/

It was developed in 1968. It resulted from the parental combination of 'Surprise des Halles' and '45/7'. It was tested as hybrid III/14. The breeders were prof. Dr. Asen Stančević and prof. Dr. Petar Mišić.

A summer-fruiting cultivar of moderate vigor and marked production of runners. Cultivar with early vegetation onset. It flowers and ripens early. Very good cropping. Ripens within 20 days. Has marked resistance to common spot of strawberry (Mycosphaerella fragariae (Tull.) Lindau) and vertlicillium wilt (Verticillium albo-atrum Renke et Berth).

The berry is medium large, around 12 g, truncate conical, bright red. Mesokarp is firm, almost without cavity, highly aromatic. It contains 7.2% sugar and 0.7% acids.

It ripens early, at the end of the last decade of May. Good transportability.

As a very early, high cropping and high quality cultivar it has given excellent results under different growing conditions. It is suitable for both fresh use and freezing and for various forms of processing as well.