It was created by crossing 'Starkrimson' and 'Colorée de Juillet' and released in 2014. Breeders are prof. Dr. Mihailo Nikolić and prof. Dr. Asen Stančević.

Pear 'Anđelija' in comparison to standard cultivar 'Starkrimson' is characterized by less vigorous tree and crown, which is wide and open. Shoots are short, brown-red from the sunny side. Generative buds are medium large, short and pointed. Leaf is long with short petioles and sharp angled (30−60°) to the shoots. 'Anđelija' blossom during the second week of April. Flowers are medium-large with short flower stalk and petals that do not overlap.

The fruit is large (average weight 182 g), the shape is piriform (average height 86 mm and width 64 mm). The calyx is medium depth with flat edge. The stalk is long, thin and slightly curved. The skin of the fruit is dark red, which in the phase of fully ripening turns into carmine red. The flesh is creamy white, juicy, extraordinary taste (similar to pear 'William's Bon Chrétien'). In comparison to the standard cultivar, 'Anđelija' has better fruit quality (soluble solids content - 13.70%; total sugar and acid content - 8.83% and 0.13%).

It ripens in the second decade of August, 4-5 days earlier than pear 'Starkrimson'.

Previous investigations of the production of useful properties of pear 'Anđelija' indicate that it deserves place in commercial pear orchards, both in Serbia and abroad, especially because to the attractive appearance and superior quality fruit.