It was created by crossing 'Butira Precoce Morettini' and 'Junsko zlato' and released in 2014. The breeder is prof. Dr. Mihailo Nikolić.

Tree is vigorous with a crown that is moderately wide and half-pyramidal. Main branches are strong and with sharp angle of branching (45°). The shoots are of medium length, brownish-red from the sunny side. Generative buds are medium-sized, short and pointed. Leaf is long with a short petiole and vertical position in relation to the shoots. 'Juliana' is characterized by early onset of flowering, during the first decade of April, which is classified as early-flowering cultivars of pears. Flower is medium-large, with short flower stalk and petals that do not overlap.

The fruit is medium-large (average weight 87 g), the shape is piriform (average height 78 mm and width 72 mm). The calyx is very shallow, so even absent, and the edges of calyx are slightly deformed. The stalk is medium long, thick and curved. The fruit skin is thin, smooth and bright, ground color is green, with a sunny side covered in bright red. Fruits contain 11.70% soluble solids, 8.20% of total sugar and 0.13% total acid. The flesh is creamy white, fine grain, juicy, sweet and harmonious taste and discreet aroma. The core is small, elongated shape with an elongated seeds, located closer to the cup of fruit. In terms of fruit quality, i.e. the basic parameters of the chemical composition in comparison to standard variety, 'Juliana' is better.

It ripens in the first decade of July, the average five days later period than the standard 'Junsko zlato'. According to the ripening time of fruits, 'Juliana' belongs to the group of very early pear cultivars.

Based on the results of test production of useful traits in experimental plantations of the Fruit Research Institute, Čačak and bearing in mind the state of the pear production in Serbia, 'Juliana' is recommended for commercial cultivation and production of fruits for fresh consumption.