It derived from the cross of 'Redhaven' and 'Collins' made in 1970 and was named and released in 1986. The breeders were Dr. Dobrivoje Ogašnović and Dr. S. A. Paunović.

The tree is medium vigorous. Crown is roundish. Scaffold branches are strong and widely angled. It bears fruits on long slender and mixed fruiting branches. Fruit buds cover the whole length of fruiting branches. On vigorous premature branches fruit buds occur only above the 3rd to 5th internodes. The leaf is medium large, serrated, deep green with prominent glands. The flower is relatively small, campanulate, with reddish-purple narrow petals. Flower parts are well developed. Self-fertile, heavy and regular cropper. It requires fruit thinning due to abundant set as to obtain large fruits. Susceptible to peach leaf curl Taphrina deformans. Resistant to Monilinia fruit rot.

Fruit is small (110-120 g), oval-roundish. Dimensions: length - 59.6 mm, width - 58.0 mm, thickness - 56.8 mm. The skin is thin, with fine pubescence. The ground color is yellow, with 50-60% red overblush. The flesh is firm, juicy, fine-textured and yellow, of sweet-acid. Excellent flavor. The suture is distinct, dividing the fruit into two unequal parts. The tip is slight. The stone is medium large (6.5−8.0 g). Dimensions: length - 38.6 mm, width - 25.2 mm, thickness - 17.6 mm. Freestone when fully ripe, with no splitting.

Ripening time is mid-early, at the end of the first decade of July, i.e. 5−6 days after 'Springold'.

A high-yielding, high-quality mid-early cultivar with high quality fruits. It requires severe pruning and fruit thinning. Recommended for growing in home gardens and plantations.