It was developed in 1969 from a cross of 'Köröser Weichsel' and 'Heimanns Konservenweichsal'. It was named and released in 1984. The breeders were prof. Dr. Asen Stančević and prof. Dr. Petar Mišić.

The tree is low to medium vigorous. The trunk is upright, short, with grey-brown bark. The crown is spreading, roundish. The branches are half strong, bent, wide angled. Fruiting branches are long, bearing along their entire length, half-thin, ash-grey. Vegetative buds are small, pointed. Flower buds are medium-sized, roundish, grey-brown. The leaf is medium-sized, oval, dark green, serrated, with distinct venation on the underside. Leaf mass is not pronounced in relation to the crop. The flower is hermaphrodite, regular, medium-sized, white. Flowers are abundant, giving the tree a very attractive appearance. Sour cherry 'Šumadinka' belongs in a group of mid-early flowering cultivars. It is markedly self-fertile with abundant pollen of good germination ability being therefore a good pollinator for other cultivars. It fruits in its second leaf bearing fruits heavily and regularly. It is susceptible to fruit rot caused by Monilinia sp. in rainy periods at ripening.

The fruit is large, averagely 6 g, reniform, deep red (height - 19.6 mm, width - 21.8 mm and thickness - 19.1 mm. The suture line is unpronounced. The skin is red, smooth and glossy. The flesh is semi-firm, juicy, ruby red, subacid, with pleasant aroma. The juice is intensely colored. Fruit contains 13.6% soluble solids, 8.5% total sugars and 1.96 total acids. The stone is small, roundish. The stalk is medium-sized, thin, set in a shallow cavity. Flesh ratio is about 95%.

Late ripening cultivar with fruits ripening after 'Kelleris 14', around 10 July under the conditions of Čačak.

One of the leading large-fruited sour cherry cultivars of colored juice which deserves to be grown more widely for its high-quality fruits and abundant bearing. Good shipper. Suitable for both fresh use and all forms of processing. It requires pruning, as fruit bearing branches become markedly bare.