It resulted from the cross of 'Köröser Weichsel' and 'Heimanns Rubin', and released in early 2015. Breeders are prof. Dr. Mihailo Nikolić, Dr. Radosav Cerović and Dr. Milisav Mitrović.

The tree is moderate vigorous. 'Iskra' flowers mid-early and it is a great cropper. It is tolerant to cherry leaf spot caused by Blumeriella jaapii (Rehm) v. Arx.

The fruits are very large, average weight 7.45 g, obtuse-cordate to round shape. The skin is bright red, very attractive. Flesh is whitish, translucent, sweet-sour taste, with pleasant aroma and excellent quality. The stalk is medium, length - 48.90 mm. The stone is medium (0.53 g) and it is easily separated from the flesh. Share of the edible part in the total weight of the fruit is 91.14%. The fruits contain an average of 17.55% soluble solids, total sugar 11.85% and 1.91% acid. The pH value of the fruit juice is 3.22, while the glyco-acidofil coefficient of 6.20.

The fruits ripen in late June.