It resulted from the cross of 'Köröser Weichsel' and 'Heimanns Konserven Weichsel' and released in early 2015. Breeders are prof. Dr. Mihailo Nikolić, Dr. Radosav Cerović, Dr. Sanja Radičević and Dr. Slobodan Milenković.

The tree has moderate vigor and open crown. Flowering is med-early. The cultivar is high and regular cropper. Tolerant to cherry leaf spot caused by Blumeriella jaapii (Rehm) v. Arx.

The fruits are large to medium large, average weight 7.20 g, obtusely cordate to round. Flesh is juicy, with sour taste and pleasant aroma. The skin is dark red. Juice is colored and dark red. The stone is medium large, average weight 0.47 g. The stalk is short to medium, with length of 41.30 mm. Share of the edible part in the total weight of the fruit is 90.69%. The fruits contain an average of 13.55% soluble solids, 9.93% of total sugar and 1.64% acid. The pH value of the fruit juice is 2.99, while the glyco-acidofil coefficient of 6.05.

The fruits ripen in the third decade of June.